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"Divine Reverence: ALL 4 GOD HAWAII Green Kalo Leaf Pareo from the Hawaiian Faith Collection"

"Divine Reverence: ALL 4 GOD HAWAII Green Kalo Leaf Pareo from the Hawaiian Faith Collection"

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Introducing ALL 4 GOD HAWAII's exclusive Green Kalo Leaf Design Pareo, a cherished piece from our Hawaiian Faith Collection. Emblazoned with a captivating kalo leaf print, this pareo is more than a mere accessory—it's a spiritual emblem woven with reminders of our devotion to God.

Kalo, also known as Colocasia esculenta, holds an unparalleled significance in Hawaiian culture. Beyond its role as a staple food source, it embodies spiritualism, mythos, and societal structure. Revered as the elder brother of mankind, kalo symbolizes nourishment bestowed upon us, calling for reciprocal care and respect. With over 300 cultivars, its culinary versatility ranges from the steamed and mashed delicacy of poi to the delectable boiled leaves known as luʻau, akin to spinach.

A testament to historical traditions, kalo was cultivated, prepared, and served predominantly by men. Its growth in irrigated terraces and upland gardens showcased the farmers' expertise, particularly in channeling fresh cold water from higher to lower terraces. This refinement of cultivation by the mahiʻai, the farmers, elevated the significance of kalo.

Legend intertwines with reality in the moʻolelo of Wākea and the Daughter of Earth, birthing Hāloa. A premature infant, Hāloa's form resembled a bulb, buried by Wākea. Their second child, also named Hāloa, became the ancestral figure of the Hawaiian people. Hāloa's eternal duty was to honor and care for the elder brother, symbolizing the root of life and its sustenance for generations.

Elevate your beach ensemble with this vibrant and exclusive pareo, meticulously crafted from 100% Rayon, ensuring a blend of comfort and quality. Perfect for leisurely shore strolls or sun-soaked days, this pareo infuses your style with an authentic touch of Hawaiian heritage. Seamlessly merging fashion and faith, it's a must-have piece that transcends mere clothing, inviting you to embrace the spirit of aloha.

Immerse yourself in the allure of the islands—embrace the Green Kalo Pareo, an embodiment of culture and spirituality, available now in a size of 70”x42”. *Please note, that actual colors may vary depending on your viewing device.

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